Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Easter dress (and my new sewing form!!!)

I know, I know, "Easter?" yes Easter. I told you I would post pictures and I did. Better late than never?
I made this dress out of a sheet!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our road trip in alphabetical order

FYI, I have been out of state on a long road trip for the past month (I DO have an excuse :-)
I wrote this the other day to give you a small idea of what our road trip looked like...

Our road trip in alphabetical order

A is for our aunts we saw namely, Lorainne, Ruth, Mary, Geri, and Sharon

B is for Boise Idaho, the first place we stopped

C is for Cody, Wyoming, the “Rodeo capital of the world” (and yes we did go to a rodeo while we were there)

D is for driving the whole way (more than 5,000 miles!)

E is for eating, usually at a picnic table, at a rest stop

F is for the (MANY) fields we passed, full of cows and corn

G is for gratefulness, thank you to all those who helped in any way

H is for heights, at Milner Pass we were at an elevation of 10,759 feet

I is for Inns, in which we stayed over night

J is for joy, which was seen often

K is for Kansas, we spent 4 days there with my aunt and her family

L is for loneliness, which did not exist on our trip :-D

M is for Minnesota, the main point of our trip, my mom grew up there and so we stayed with her sister for a week

N is for names, they are so hard to remember, especially when you haven’t seen that person in 10 years!

O is for “Oh, look!!!”, which preceded almost everything we said while driving down the road

P is for pools, most of the hotels had them so we went swimming a few times

Q is for questions, for many were asked on the trip

R is for Mt. Rushmore, we stayed overnight in a place that you could see 2 of the heads from the window

S is for sightseeing, like the Badlands, Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park, Mt. Rushmore, etc.

T is for tales to tell; funny, exciting, and sad

U is for Utah, one of the many places we stayed

V is for van; believe it or not, we only brought one 7 passenger van for 6 people and their stuff on a 24 day driving trip!

W is for Wall drug, they have signs from 365 miles away!!!

X is for x (believe it or not), one of the easiest letters to find when playing the letter race game in the van, just look for an exit sign!

Y is for Yellowstone National Park, we saw 3 bears, more than 150 buffalo, more than 50 elk, and a mountain goat!

Z is for Zack’s birthday, which happened while we were in Cody

Written by Ashley