Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sash's dress and pinafore

Here's my sister Sasha's dress that I promised I'd post...

If you click on it then you might be able to see the tucks on the front of the pinafore.
P.S. I also made the cap.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Hi, my name's Ashley! Remember me? I'm the person that used to post on this blog ;-) !!! Well after a LONG break I'm back at it! Ready to hear what I've been up to?

Well..... A lot, but not much of extreme importance,

in other words I've been helping out around the house, watching our CUTE foster babies, sewing Sasha a dress and pinafore (I'll add pictures later), trying to figure out Algebla (spelling intended), and over all, just being busy!

Not to mention watching the Stealers at the Super Bowl barely win by making a home run in the last minute yesterday, didn't know I watched that stuff did you!? (I was knitting while watching it, multi tasking. :-)

If your still trying to figure out the "home run" part, I sit here chuckling

If you didn't even notice that part you either know me very well, or are clueless, if the latter, I am cracking up!