Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guns (and yes, you read that right)


Some guns are weapons, some are toys
Some bring fear, some bring joys

Some people only regard guns with fears
Because in their life guns have only brought tears

But what some people don’t realize is that
Guns aren’t always bad no matter what shape or size

Guns come in many different types
Taser, air soft, rifle, and snipes

Some shoot paint or plastic or don’t shoot at all
But some, like a cannon, shoot things the size of a bowling ball

In the right hands guns help small and great
And protect from horrible fate

Guns provide a way to self protect the things you hold dear
And if someone tried to hurt you you’d be safer with your own gun near

But the point of this poem is I want you to know
Guns keep you safer where ever you go

And now that I’ve said what I want to say
Mom, may I become a member of the NRA?